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Even the Halftime Show Can’t Go Right for the OKC Thunder

Racking up only eleven wins so far this season, I think it’s safe to say that the Oklahoma City Thunder are a pretty abysmal basketball team. With the way their season is going, you’d think they’d try to stay away from a halftime show in which someone could actually die, but nope.

The Thunder booked Houdini-like trickster Kristen Johnson to perform one of those “get out of a tube of water while being chained up” acts. The result? Johnson almost drowned.

The trick took too long, and after having a hypoxic seizure from the oxygen deprivation, she had to be pulled from the tube. Thankfully, once she was above water she started breathing again.

It’s really kind of freaky to watch — hearing the confused “this has to be part of the show, right?” laughter coming from individuals in the crowd, and the panic from the people on Johnson’s crew — not to mention seeing her almost drown.

Can we mark this down as a lesson learned, OKC? Stick to dance crews at halftime, and crowd free-throw shots.

[Assist to Deadspin]


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This Week’s Sports Crimes against Fashion

Sports Crimes against Fashion is a column that explores the uglier side of sports-wear. Know of any recent fashion fouls that you’d like to share? Email us at GirlsOnSports [at] gmail [dot] com.

It may have been a great week in sports (the Super Bowl, the Australian Open finals, and lest we forget the cute-as-hell Puppy Bowl), but it’s been a very bad week for sports fashion. Here are this week’s biggest faux pas:

1.) The Montreal Canadiens’ CAC throwback jerseys


Some things are meant to stay in the past forever, as these throwbacks exemplify. That’s why the Habs have this week’s biggest fashion blunder in the world of sports. Whether you think these hockey sweaters look more like prison uniforms, pajamas, or psychedelic WTFery, the fact remains that they’re fugly. So Montreal, you want to honor the 1912-1913 team, ay? Well, we suggest finding another way to do it than donning such ugly garb. Seriously, won’t somebody think of the children?

2.) Reebok’s Steelers Championship Cap


Reebok, what are you thinking? You know that the Steelers won the Super Bowl and not the Seattle Seahawks, right? The saddest part is, this isn’t even the biggest eyesore when it comes to Steelers championship gear (although it’s definitely the most confusing).

3.) The L.A. Lakers Go Green


Speaking of confusing, may I present this Irish-themed L.A. Lakers t-shirt. Adidas, do you know what this looks like? Yep, a Boston Celtics t-shirt. The very same Celtics that are loathed in L.A., and who beat the Lakers in last year’s NBA finals. Do you, uh, even watch basketball, Adidas? Because if you did, you’d know that this shirt is a major sports crime against fashion.

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