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Bookies Predict My Nightmare Super Bowl


Many people dislike the Cowboys — myself doubly so, being a New York Giants fan.

Many people also dislike the Patriots — myself doubly so, since I live in Boston and have the team crammed down my throat in annoyingly high doses.

Of course, that means the odds for a Patriots vs. Cowboys Super Bowl next year are alarmingly high. Bodog Sportsbook has the Patriots as the most likely team to reach the Supe from the AFC, with 8-1 odds to win it all, while the Cowboys are the most likely representative from the NFC at 9-1 odds. Say it ain’t so!

Without a doubt, there are many people who’d love to see this game take place, as both teams have pretty large followings and markets. If this happened, though, I’d probably have to hope for a meteor to hit the field during play, or perhaps a mass outbreak of spontaneous combustion. But, that’s just me. Feel free to let me know your ultimate nightmare match-up for the Super Bowl in the comments section.

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