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The Steelers Felt It Coming in the Air Sunday Night, Oh Lord

nojacketSo, you thought Al Pacino’s pregame speech in Any Given Sunday was pretty good, did you? Maybe so, but Al Pacino is no Phil Collins. That must be why Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin opted to play “In the Air Tonight” for his players during the team’s Saturday night meeting instead of boring them with motivational speeches. (Too bad the song isn’t called “In the Air Tomorrow Night,” right Mike?)

Steelers’ receiver Hines Ward told Ed Werder of ESPN that the song put the team in a “meditative state.” And of course, you know what followed — they went on to win Super Bowl XLIII the following night, coming back from a three point deficit in the last minute of the game.

I wonder why Tomlin chose “In the Air Tonight” out of all the songs in the world to motivate his players. As far as available Phil Collins’ songs to choose from, though, I guess “Against All Odds” was out of the question since the Steelers were favored to win, while “I Don’t Care Anymore” and “I Missed Again” wouldn’t have been considered for obvious reasons.

But wouldn’t it be pretty funny if Tomlin had randomly played “Sussudio” to get his team pumped? I can just picture the looks of WTFery passing between the players as Tomlin bobs his head lightly to the music, eyes closed, fingers snapping to the beat and Collins’ su-su-soothing voice… but clearly, I’ve given this too much thought.

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Bookies Predict My Nightmare Super Bowl


Many people dislike the Cowboys — myself doubly so, being a New York Giants fan.

Many people also dislike the Patriots — myself doubly so, since I live in Boston and have the team crammed down my throat in annoyingly high doses.

Of course, that means the odds for a Patriots vs. Cowboys Super Bowl next year are alarmingly high. Bodog Sportsbook has the Patriots as the most likely team to reach the Supe from the AFC, with 8-1 odds to win it all, while the Cowboys are the most likely representative from the NFC at 9-1 odds. Say it ain’t so!

Without a doubt, there are many people who’d love to see this game take place, as both teams have pretty large followings and markets. If this happened, though, I’d probably have to hope for a meteor to hit the field during play, or perhaps a mass outbreak of spontaneous combustion. But, that’s just me. Feel free to let me know your ultimate nightmare match-up for the Super Bowl in the comments section.

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This Week’s Sports Crimes against Fashion

Sports Crimes against Fashion is a column that explores the uglier side of sports-wear. Know of any recent fashion fouls that you’d like to share? Email us at GirlsOnSports [at] gmail [dot] com.

It may have been a great week in sports (the Super Bowl, the Australian Open finals, and lest we forget the cute-as-hell Puppy Bowl), but it’s been a very bad week for sports fashion. Here are this week’s biggest faux pas:

1.) The Montreal Canadiens’ CAC throwback jerseys


Some things are meant to stay in the past forever, as these throwbacks exemplify. That’s why the Habs have this week’s biggest fashion blunder in the world of sports. Whether you think these hockey sweaters look more like prison uniforms, pajamas, or psychedelic WTFery, the fact remains that they’re fugly. So Montreal, you want to honor the 1912-1913 team, ay? Well, we suggest finding another way to do it than donning such ugly garb. Seriously, won’t somebody think of the children?

2.) Reebok’s Steelers Championship Cap


Reebok, what are you thinking? You know that the Steelers won the Super Bowl and not the Seattle Seahawks, right? The saddest part is, this isn’t even the biggest eyesore when it comes to Steelers championship gear (although it’s definitely the most confusing).

3.) The L.A. Lakers Go Green


Speaking of confusing, may I present this Irish-themed L.A. Lakers t-shirt. Adidas, do you know what this looks like? Yep, a Boston Celtics t-shirt. The very same Celtics that are loathed in L.A., and who beat the Lakers in last year’s NBA finals. Do you, uh, even watch basketball, Adidas? Because if you did, you’d know that this shirt is a major sports crime against fashion.

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I Can’t Quit You, Super Bowl XLIII


The Super Bowl may be over and done with, but the stories just keep on coming.

When porn attacks: By now you’ve probably heard of the Comcast incident in Tucson, Arizona — you know, the one where Comcast pulled a Tyler Durden and “accidentally” showed thirty seconds of porn during the Super Bowl. If not, you can read about it and see the video evidence here. We wonder how much trouble Comcast will get in for showing full-frontal action during the most-watched television program of the year.

Staying up late with Big Ben: Ben Roethlisberger made an appearence on Letterman last night. Big Ben may have been a Super Bowl pimp on Sunday, but his performance on the Late Show was a bit lackluster. It’s just kind of sad when Eli Manning is funnier than you, Ben. Dave gets some extra points, though, for calling the safety the greatest play in football.

People like to watch: That Super Bowl thing? I hear it’s pretty popular. As expected, it made a killing in the ratings. The ratings were down from last year, though, when people tuned in to watch the Patriots fail in their quest for perfection. Sidenote: Will any Super Bowl ever top the finale of MASH? You have to hope so…

The Cardinals are Winners in El Salvador: Once again, championship gear for the losing Super Bowl team heads to a third-world country.

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